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NOWS Program Library

Project Background and Need

This information examines the context and needs surrounding the development of national standards for On-Water instruction. It also identifies the approach and systems being used to define and structure the skills-based standards.

Here you can find key documents that will assist you in understanding how the NOWS were developed and why. If this library leaves you with unanswered questions, please feel free to CONTACT US for more information.


Qualities of a Rubric Proficiency Description

This document clarifies the key characteristics of a well-written Rubric proficiency description.

Progression of Rubrics Development

These slides show the progression of structure that Standards and Rubrics go through during the process. Included are three examples of rubrics for the POWER domain of recreational boat operation. 

Introduction: Developing Performance Rubrics

This document defines and describes the language, structure and frameworks that we will use to develop Rubrics for the On-Water SAIL and HUMAN Standards.
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