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Development of Natl On-Water Instruction Stndrds

- Windcheck Magazine, February 2014 


The US SAILING Oversight and Management Committees for the Development of National On-Water Instruction Standards for Recreational Boat Operators is establishing a national team of subject matter experts who currently or recently have on-water instruction experience in the disciplines of sail, power or paddle watercraft. US Sailing, a US Coast Guard Grantee, in partnership with the Spirit of America Foundation, are providing direction to the team with the objectives of developing a minimum level National On-Water Instruction Standards for Recreational Boat Operators through an open consensus-based agreement.

Here are some of the news stories about the National On-Water Standards project. Let us know if you would like to discuss them further, we are always interested to chat!


US Coast Guard Recognizes Standards Evaluators Program

- August 2015 


The National On-Water Standard Grant Management Team is pleased to announce the establishment of a national recognition program for ON-Water Skills Standard Evaluators recognized by the US Coast Guard. Standard Evaluators who complete a targeted skills training program and meet minimum boating safety instruction educational experience will be nationally recognized as domain specific (SAIL, POWER, HUMAN) standards Subject Matter Experts (SME). This pool of qualified SME Standard Evaluators will be available to assist recreational boating community course designers in using the On-Water Skills standards under development, ultimately enchancing the level of boating safety education to individual boaters nationwide. 

Coronado Yacht Club to Participate in National

On-Water Boating Standards Program​

- The Eagle Weekender, July 2013


Project Coordinator Brian Dorval explained the need for the study. "This is a five-year strategic plan, with the original need originating from the National Boating Safety Advisory Council, which is the national advisory group for the U.S. Coast Guard. James P. Muldoon is the chairman of the National Boating Safety Advisory Council. The primary objectives are boating safety and enjoyment. The standards themselves are being developed by experts from throughout the country, from many different organizations. Ultimately what we are about is one national system of standards from classroom instruction and on-water training."

USCG National On-Water Standards Project -- HUMAN Standard Validation Team Hosts New Orleans Test

-The Louisiana Game Warden, Summer 2015


The LA Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, Law Enforcement Division and the New Orleans Fire Department supported the USCG's National On-Water Standards Valdation Project for human-propelled recreational craft hosted by the New Orleans Yacht Club May 1- 3, 2015. A team of boating experts participated in a two and a half day program to confirm On-Water skills for paddling and rowing that educators can build into on-the-water boating programs across the country.

National Standards for Safe Boating

- SpinSheet, June 2013 


About a dozen years ago, when he was appointed chair of the National Boating Safety Advisory Council (NBSAC), Jim Muldoon recognized the need for more onboard training for recreational boaters. "As a country, we are going more toward some form of required proof of boating skill. The sailing community understood the need for on-water training long ago, but generally the rest of the boating community had only had classroom training."


Now, as a recipient of a U.S. Coast Guard grant, U.S. Sailing has assembled a team of experts to develop national on-water instruction standards for recreational boat operators. The standards will represent a minimum level of instruction required for the safe operation of a recreational boat (power, sail, or human-powered), where the primary approach of delivery is experiential, hands-on, and on-water.

Boating Education Standard Earns Distinction as American National Standard

- NASBLA, December 2015


The National Association of State Boating Law Administrators announces that its standard ANSI/NASBLA 103-2016: Basic Boating Knowledge – Power gained formal recognition on Nov. 18, 2015, as an American National Standard through the American National Standard Institute.  Formerly referenced as the National Boating Education Standard, this document prescribes the minimum body of knowledge to mitigate risk of boating in the U.S. states, territories, and District of Columbia. Under development for more than five years, ANSI/NASBLA 103-2016 Basic Boating Education – Power, codifies NASBLA’s national education standards as the first basic boating education standard recognized both by U.S. Coast Guard and ANSI.

Making Better Boaters

PropTalk - March 2016


Readying your boat and crew for departure, starting your engine, safely leaving the dock, getting up to speed, maintaining directional control, turning the boat, crossing waves or wake, bringing the boat to a complete stop, picking up a man overboard, returning to your dock or mooring, and securing the boat... do you remember learning these skills? Now, recreational boaters learning to operate boats will have a standard by which they acquire fundamental skills.

On-Water American National Standard Established for Recreation Boating Instruction

- ABYC, December 2015


The U.S. Coast Guard’s National On-Water Standards (NOWS) grant management team and American Boat and Yacht Council (ABYC) is pleased to announce the approval and publication EDU-1 On-Water Power Standard which is the first of three proposed skills-based American National Standards (ANS) for On-Water instruction in recreational boating safety. Course designers using the EDU-1 On-Water Power Standard and NASBLA’s standard ANSI/NASBLA 103-2016: Basic Boating Knowledge — Power will have the full spectrum of skills and knowledge boating standards available to integrate into safe recreational boating education programs. The EDU-1 On-Water Power Standard is available for free download from ABYC’s store

Press Coverage from Buffalo SAIL NVP Event 

WIVB & WBFO - June 2016


Two news stations, WIVB Channel 4 Buffalo and NPR's Buffalo News Station WBFO 88.7, visited the National On-Water Standard's (NOWS) last SAIL National Validation Program (NVP0 event in Buffalo, NY, hosted by the Buffalo Yacht Club. Visit both links to hear more about the NVP activities conducted on the Black Rock Canal. 

Learning By Doing

- NASBLA SCA Pub, September/October 2013


Boating safety officials have long recognized the benefits of hands-on learning and have worked to incorporate it into boating safety education courses. Take, for example, the safety game Jim Roeber, past national educational officer for the United States Power Squadrons, explained in "Make a game of it" (September-October 2011) Small Craft Advisory). Chairs and a large cooler are set up in the classroom to simulate a boat. Volunteers from the class are instructed to step off the "sinking boat" only after donning the proper life jacket. During the first run of the exercise, the life jackets are at the back of the "boat" in a "storage bin." The next time the students don their life jackets before getting "under way." This hands-on exercise works to prove the importance of wearing your life jacket. 

NOWS Program featured on THE BOAT SHOW (WNAV Annapolis) hosted by Rick Franke

1430 WNAV - August 2017


NOWS Program team members Joanne Dorval, Charlie Arms, and Rick Franke sat down to talk about the National On-Water Standards Program on WNAV Boat Show this past August. Click on the link below to hear highlights from the program.

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