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Field testing an 

Instructional Approach Standard (IAS)

Photo History

IAS National Validation Program Events

The NOWS Program Instructional Approach Standard (IAS) National Validation Program took place from March to May, 2017.  The purpose of the program was to collect data on the use of the IAS under development.  In all, the program involved field testing the IAS at seven different venues involving 18 subject matter experts observing seven different approaches to On-Water instruction. We want to thank all the venues that allowed us to visit, talk and observe their On-Water Instructional programs in action.  We invite you to take a look at the people and venues involved in the IAS field-testing program.

Key Largo, FL (March 2017)

NOWS' first set of Instructional Approach Standard National Validation Program events took place in Key Largo, Florida at Sunshine Coast Adventures and Paddle the Florida Keys. Thank you to them for their involvement in the validation program, and to MiraMar Adventures for hosting us during the week.

IAS Venue 1 Paddle Florida Keys
IAS Venue 2 Sunshine Coast
Miami, FL (April 2017)

The second set of validation program events took place in Miami, FL. Special thanks to Shake-A-Leg Miami for being a data collection site and for hosting our team at their facilities during the week, as well as to Spirit of America for making the arrangements. Additional thanks to two other data collection venues, Virginia Key Outdoor Center and Team Paradise Sailing for their involvement in the validation program.

IAS Venue 3 Shake Leg
IAS Venue 4 VKOC
IAS Venue 5 Paradise Sailing
Washington, DC (May 2017)

The third and final set of validation program events took place in Washington DC. Special thanks to METCOR/LSI for hosting our team during the weekend.  Thanks to Boating in DC and to DC SAIL for serving as our final two data collection venues.

IAS Venue 6 Boating in DC
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